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  • Martha Davis, President of Earth Island Institute, and Brian H. Williams, Founder of the Red Panda Network, today announced that Red Panda Network will become independent of Earth island Institute effective September 1, 2010, after 5 years as a project of the parent organization. “Earth Island Institute is an innovative organizational home for many environmental […]

  • (by AOL News) It has the face of a giant panda bear and the body of a small raccoon. This unusual, cuddly-looking animal is the red panda, and until recently, was only believed to be native to the mountains of Nepal, Burma and China. Now, according to recent fossil findings, it appears the enigmatic red […]

  • One of our supporters, Nicci Sanville, designed a Red Panda car for the Toyota Racing’s Sponsafy Your Ride contest. There are only 11 days to vote, so get your vote in now!

  • From: Smithsonian National Zoo It was love at first sight for Shama and Tate, the Zoo’s red pandas, and now, nearly a year and a half after they were introduced, the pair has a cub as evidence of their strong bond. On June 16, Shama gave birth to a single cub—the first for both of […]

  • Dear RPN Supporters, Thank you for all of your kind support this year.   Bhagawan, Tulsi and Brian are learning how to use the blog….This is our first blog…It is very exciting to use the blog….We are happy to use the blog.

  • Learn what the future holds for Red Panda Network. The full version of this article is only available here! Earth Island Journal: Spring 2010, Vol. 25 No. 1. Hear the word “panda” and images of the large black and white animal are immediately conjured up. Giant pandas have become a worldwide symbol for animal conservation. […]