• Financial Freedom for Women in Red Panda Range

    From household chores to entrepreneurship, women in rural Nepal find economic empowerment and environmental stewardship. Gaura Neupane grew up in a small village in Kalikot district, western Nepal. This is a remote and rural place; a patchwork of agriculture and mountain forests make up the landscape.   The setting of this story is significant. Western Nepal […]

  • Red Pandas Love the Snow and Are Well Adapted To It

    We’re in the final weeks of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Red pandas may not be too happy about it. If you’re reading this article, odds are that you’re a human (and if not, congrats on learning how to read, member of another species). One of the most interesting things about humans, and primates in […]

  • Female Forest Guardians #ChooseToChallenge Gender Inequality While Saving Red Pandas

    Red Panda Network is committed to recruiting more female Forest Guardians and providing educational scholarships for female students. On International Women’s Day 2021, join us in Empowering Women During Covid-19! Our field staff had the pleasure of interviewing a few of our female Forest Guardians and we are pleased to share their courageous stories and […]

  • Amidst a Global Pandemic, RPN Campaigns Against Red Panda Poaching

    As humans worldwide continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, so, too, must nature. According to several reports Conservation International released in 2020, pandemic restrictions and lockdowns left wildlife and wildlands unprotected, resulting in increased animal trafficking and deforestation. Unfortunately, red pandas and their habitat are not immune. A Growing Center of Illegal Trade While […]

  • Water For Herders; Protection for Red Pandas

    We’re working with livestock herders in Nepal to end a water crisis and save red panda habitat. “These animals are everything to me.” Santiram Bista is referring to the cows, goats and buffalo he raises to make butter or ghiu, and crushed butter (locally known as churpi). Bista, a 59-year-old

  • Wildfire Threatens Wild Red Pandas in Nepal

    Local people come to the aid of the firefox as the Pathibhara wildfire burns a vulnerable landscape. A wildfire has been scorching high-mountain forest near the summit of Pathibhara hill in eastern Nepal's Taplejung district. This is a location of prime red panda habitat that is very close to where

  • Red Pandas Return To Jaubari – Part 2

    Plant A Red Panda Home is our answer to an urgent situation and an uncertain future for red pandas. Red Panda Network (RPN) uses an integrative approach to conservation that protects habitat through partnerships with community organizations and education and sustainable livelihood programs for local people. But RPN’s Program Coordinator,

  • Press Release: Tiger Photographed for First Time In Nepal’s Red Panda Habitat

    At an unprecedented altitude in Nepal, a wild tiger has been photographed in the mountain forest habitat of red pandas.  Read in Nepali Download a PDF of the press release The Bengal tiger Panthera tigris tigris — one of the planet’s most iconic large carnivores — was photographed at an

  • Your 2020 Holiday Guide to Gifts and Giving!

    Happy Holidays from Red Panda Network! Here are 6 ways you can make an impact for red pandas — while giving fantastic gifts — this holiday season: #1 Give the gift of red panda conservation Donate in honor of a loved one and send them a small or large red

  • Red Pandas Return To Jaubari – Part 1

    We reforested this important place. Now it is thriving and providing hope for the future of red pandas and the habitat we are restoring now. Thupten Bhutia is eighty years old. He is from Jaubari Village in Sandakpur Rural Municipality of eastern Nepal’s Ilam district. He has lived here for

  • Red Panda: Two Species Or One?

    What was once considered an animal with no close relatives, is now a species that may have had a hidden relative all along — much closer than one would have ever thought. Recent studies are suggesting that the red panda, Ailurus fulgens — currently grouped into two subspecies, Ailurus (fulgens)

  • End Rabies for Red Pandas!

    RPN is committed to vaccinating dogs and reducing red panda mortality from rabies transmission in Nepal. Canine companions in Nepal are killing red pandas. According to BBC News, the future of 200 wildlife species is threatened by our planet’s estimated one billion domestic dogs. Some of these dogs are feral

  • Press Release: Dayahang Rai: Red Panda Network Conservation Ambassador

    Read in Nepali Download a PDF of the Press Release Popular Nepali actor, director, and playwriter, Dayahang Rai, has joined Red Panda Network (RPN) as a conservation ambassador. Dayahang is one of Nepal’s acclaimed film stars. He will help us raise national awareness of this endangered species and a rising