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Welcome to Red Panda Network’s Summit Society. As a passionate donor, your generous gift demonstrates a prominent commitment to red panda conservation. The Summit Society is our way of recognizing your investment and ensuring you create the targeted impact you want.

Thank You to Our Summit Society Supporters!

Kate Bourdon
Justin Fairchild
Joseph Hearn
John Sanderson  

"I've seen firsthand how contributing to Red Panda Network supports the growth and viability of the cloud forests the red panda is so well-adapted to. The dense, mossy trees and foliage the red pandas blend into are like nothing I'd ever seen before, and you feel instinctively how their adaptations are made for these forests, and that safeguarding this land means saving the red panda."

-Justin Fairchild


Since 2007, RPN has been conserving wild red pandas in the Panchthar-Ilam-Taplejung (PIT) corridor of Eastern Nepal.This area is home to 25% of Nepal’s endangered red panda has been identified as a global biodiversity hotspot.

It is here, we are establishing the PIT Red Panda Protected Forest: the world’s first protected area dedicated to red panda.

This initiative is critical in a time when 70% of red panda habitat in Nepal is located outside of protected areas and is threatened by deforestation and other human activities. As a Summit Society member, you create the momentum we need to mitigate the threats to their survival and reach the peaks of red panda conservation. 

Thank You!

Thanks to you, our education and outreach programs have reached 300,000 people living in red panda range! We have also been able to purchase 22 acres of core red panda habitat that will be restored and protected. Your generosity has also allowed us to surpass 100 Forest Guardians on our national team in Nepal! And these achievements are just the beginning.

Here are some of the conservation milestones we have been able to reach, thanks to your support:

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Summit Society Adoptions

Last year, in collaboration with Rotterdam Zoo and Queensland University,  RPN successfully equipped ten wild red pandas with GPS-satellite collars in the PIT Red Panda Protected Forest. This is Nepal’s first red panda collaring project!

This is an important component of our long-term monitoring initiatives. The collaring project will not only provide critical baseline data on red panda distribution and behavior in the wild but also apprises stakeholders with valuable insight into landscape-level conservation efforts required to manage biological corridors. 

RPN is offering an exclusive opportunity to symbolically adopt the red pandas. You will receive updates on your adopted red panda on a regular basis, as well as photos when we can. Funds will support community-based conservation programs in your adopted red panda's Community Forest. If you’re interested in renewing your Summit Society membership with an adoption, please email us:!