Here are a few of our "Wish List" priority community conservation projects for which we are seeking support.

Priority projects have much of the energy in place for immediate impacts, but they lack the necessary financial resources. Such projects might not appear exciting from the outside, but they directly impact red panda conservation.  Your help can provide the funding these project require to be successful.

Biodiversity Conservation Workshop - $15,381
Newly elected representatives of the project area will participate in the workshop and be educated on local conservation needs and efforts.

Education Workshops and Training for Rural & Municipality Council - $14,811
Elected members of the Rural and Municipality Council are responsible for managing natural resources but they are unaware of environmental issues. 114 members from Western Nepal will participate in 20 workshops and trained in natural resource management and biodiversity conservation.

Red Panda Conservation Textbook and Curriculum - $2,626
Working with local schools in integrating red panda conservation education book into curriculums.

Capacity-Building Training - $3,639
Capacity enhancement and conservation education for security personnel and Protected Area staff members.

Herder Awareness Workshop - $1,236
Red panda awareness-building workshop organized for livestock herders located in red panda habitat.

Nettle Fiber Extraction Training - $4,481
Nettle-fiber production and extraction training will improve the livelihoods of local people.

Forest Guardian Training - $1,553
28 people from Western Nepal will participate in two Forest Guardian capacity-building training.

Herder Tent - $700 per tent

Herder Improved Cooking Stove - $425 per stove
Herders will receive fuel-efficient cookstoves, that reduce firewood consumption and indoor air pollution, and mobile tents that replace wood sheds and reduce timber demand.

Homestay stove - $400 per stove
Homestay families will receive improved cooking stove.

Monitoring of Red Panda Habitat - $588
Community-based monitoring will be conducted four times a year at 12 monitoring blocks in Jajarkot district, Western Nepal.

Reforestation of Red Panda Habitat - $4,830

6 hectares in Maharudra Community Forest, Jumla District, Western Nepal will be planted with bamboo and other native species.

Red Panda Scholarship for Students - $2,220

50 marginalized school children—with an emphasis on girl students—of Community Forests in Jumla, Jajarkot and Kalikot district will receive school supplies (stationary materials, uniform, etc) for one year.

Pandas and Pangolins - $10,000
This project will focus on two endangered species in Nepal—red panda and Chinese pangolin (Manis pentadactyla) as conservation ambassadors of two different but connected habitats. RPN Forest Guardians will help us identify current distribution, threats and land-use of both species in Ilam district through field assessment activities: community surveys and camera trapping. The results of the assessment will then be used to guide education and outreach initiatives among local communities and protect red pandas and pangolins from anthropogenic threats. 

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Thread-making during nettle fiber extraction.
Thread-making during nettle fiber extraction.