International Red Panda Day 2021 Logo Contest

The winner of the IRPD 2021 logo contest. Designed by Kit Coates.
The winner of the IRPD 2021 logo contest. Designed by Kit Coates.

Calling all artists and designers, students, and inspired conservationists!

Red Panda Network (RPN) is pleased to announce the International Red Panda Day (IRPD) 2021 logo contest which is open to anyone who wants to use their artistic and digital design abilities to raise awareness of red pandas and their need for conservation.

The contest is an integral part of the 12th IRPD on Saturday, September 18th, 2021. These are the primary goals of the IRPD 2021 art contest :

  • Spotlighting the incredible skills, talent and passion of artists while providing a space for anyone to express the importance of red panda conservation through logo design;
  • Raising awareness of IRPD and our urgent need to save red pandas
IRPD 2020 design by Lada Korol.
IRPD 2020 design by Lada Korol.


1. The contest begins on Monday, June 7, 2021 and submissions will be accepted through Friday, July 2, 2021. Winners will be announced the following week via our website, social media websites, and by direct contact to the winners’ email accounts. All entries must be submitted by: the form below, OR email [directly to or] for consideration and review as an official entry of the contest. Entries must be submitted as PNGs or JPEGs.

2. The submission email must include the full name(s) of the person(s) who designed the logo, age, location information (city and country) and email address of the individual submitting the entry. Contestants can include a link to artist/design website if they have one.

3. Only 1 entry may be submitted per individual.

4. Entries must conform to the Submission Guidelines set out below. Entries that do not will be rejected.

5. The deadline for entries is midnight on Friday, July 2, 2021, Pacific Daylight Time.

6. We will attempt to acknowledge all entries within one week of receipt; however, we cannot be responsible for entries or responses lost in e-mail.

7. There is no fee to enter the contest.


The purpose of the contest is to design a logo for IRPD 2021 and must be appropriate for IRPD 2021 outreach and red panda conservation education.

The logo will mostly be used online but needs to be able to be printed in high resolution.

The logo must be red panda related and contain the following wording "International Red Panda Day 2021". Creativity is welcome, but please include RPN's red (color code #ad1c22) and green (#989e47) in your design. There are no strict guidelines on font but we often use Montserrat and Open Sans so complementary fonts will look best next to the RPN logo.

Please submit high-quality PNGs or JPEGs to or You can also use the logo submission form below.


A panel of judges — made up of RPN staff, board members and volunteers — will select a contest winner.


  • Official IRPD 2021 t-shirt and other merch featuring the selected logo.
  • Artist spotlight on social media and featured in RPN eNewsletter.
  • A new copy of the Red Panda: Biology and Conservation of the First Panda textbook by RPN board chair, Angela Glatston.

We will share as many of the logo entries we receive as we can on social media but cannot guarantee we will make it to all of them. The contest winner will be featured on all IRPD 2021 materials — including the official t-shirt — and updates on the RPN website, social media channels and at zoo events. The logo selected as the winner will be seen by thousands of supporters and visitors around the world.

After the first-place winner is selected, we will have a public vote on social media to determine a runner-up/second-place winner. Prizes TBD.

Red panda image with IRPD 2019 logo by Jenny Karkosa.
Red panda image with IRPD 2019 logo by Jenny Karkosa.
IRPD 2018 logo by Jenny Karkosa.
IRPD 2018 logo by Jenny Karkosa.