Red Panda Monium

There is an uproar of love for red pandas, or "pandamonium", around the world. We're here to help you raise responsible awareness and campaign for red panda conservation.

Welcome to your resource center for outreach and opportunities to fundraise for red panda conservation!

Fundraise to help us Save the Last of the First Panda on International Red Panda Day 2020

Your campaign will support our Plant A Red Panda Home initiative which will reforest core habitat, connect fragmented forest and create a wildlife corridor that will sustain a viable red panda population.

Start a Facebook Fundraiser

Starting a campaign takes minutes! This is your chance to be creative: ask your friends and family to donate for your birthday, or promise to do something crazy if you hit a certain goal. 


Stay tuned for your chance to raise red panda awareness and funds for their conservation while doing things you love to do anyway!


Easily fundraise for red pandas on Twitch and other livestream sites!

Birthday coming up? Have your very own panda party!

While red pandas are growing in popularity, there are still many people around the world who remain unaware of this species or their endangered status. While spreading the word about red pandas it is imperative that conservation is emphasized. Otherwise, people may just see how cute they are, and be tempted to support the illegal red panda trade.

Below are materials you can share on social media, bring literature to an event, present during a school project, or contact your local newspaper.

Get the Facts!

RPN's red panda factsheet will get you started on becoming a red panda expert. Download full version to help us raise red panda awareness. Want to learn more? Visit our red panda facts page!

Print-ready version. Design by Darby Minter.
Print-ready version. Design by Darby Minter.

RPN Resources, Brochures, and Infosheets









Social Media Tools

No Panda Pets Graphic

RPN has launched a social media awareness campaign — #NoPandaPets. Help us educate people around the world why red pandas do not make good pets and why the future of the species depends on wild red pandas remaining in the wild!

Learn more about our efforts to stop the illegal red panda trade.


Facebook Profile Frames

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Hipster Red Panda

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Panda Party

Do you or your child have a birthday coming up? Have your very own red panda party! Want your celebration to also make any impact? Please consider Donating your Birthday to red panda conservation. You can also use Facebook!

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Have your very own panda party!

Panda Party materials in PDF

Pin the Tail


Birthday Hat