Plant A Red Panda Home

We're restoring forests in Nepal to create a wildlife corridor where red pandas and other threatened species can thrive.

Thanks to you, we have planted
trees in red panda habitat in eastern Nepal so far in 2021!

We are working with our local community partners to plant thousands of trees, restore hundreds of acres of red panda habitat, and connect fragmented forest so red pandas and other threatened wildlife can thrive in a contiguous biological corridor. You can support our 2022 reforestation efforts by donating below!

Select the number of trees you want to plant in red panda habitat and select "Plant A Red Panda Home" as your gift designation when checking out.

Habitat loss is the biggest threat to red pandas. In Nepal, their habitat is fragmented into 400 small forest patches that are mostly unprotected as Community Forests or private land.

Forests are fragmented as they are converted to farmland and settlement and degraded by unsustainable livestock grazing and resource harvest by local communities.

Red panda habitat in Nepal is fragmented into 400 small forest patches. © RPN
Red panda habitat in Nepal is fragmented into 400 small forest patches. © RPN


A vast piece of land is barren in Jaubari (photo to the right) of eastern Nepal's Ilam district — located on the Nepal-India border  — due to deforestation. This area is critical to establishing habitat contiguity for red pandas as it directly connects the unprotected forest areas of Nepal with protected areas in Nepal and India. 

We are committed to reforesting this important place through our Plant A Red Panda Home campaign!

Select "Plant A Red Panda Home" as your gift designation when checking out.

Celebrate IRPD 2021; help us protect red pandas and restore their habitat!
Hectares purchased for restoration

We are on our way to our goal of purchasing 20 hectares of degraded and fragmented red panda habitat in 2021! Reforestation activities will begin this summer.

Want to help us purchase land for restoration? Here are two options!

How do we Plant A Red Panda Home?

Give the gift of conservation 

with a symbolic adoption of red panda Paaru that supports Plant A Red Panda Home!

Paaru is one of ten wild red pandas equipped with collars during Nepal's first-ever GPS-satellite collar study.

Your adoption will allow us to restore and reconnect Paaru's fragmented home in eastern Nepal.

Thank You to our 2020 Partners in Conservation

Special thanks to our First Panda Challengers whose generosity is helping us Plant A Red Panda Home!

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