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Red pandas are a tree-dwelling species. As forests disappear so does their habitat. Offset your carbon footprint and help us plant a red panda home!

Habitat loss is the #1 threat to red pandas. A study conducted by RPN in June 2011 revealed a 3.2% deforestation rate in Eastern Nepal. Forest loss, degradation, and fragmentation are leading to the decline of red panda numbers and threatening the future of this species. 

We have identified plantation areas in Jajarkot, Jumla and Kalikot districts of Western Nepal. They are located within core red panda habitat and reforesting them will help create habitat connectivity that can support viable red panda populations.

Planned plantation area in Kalikot district.
Planned plantation area in Kalikot district.
Wild red pandas in Eastern Nepal.
Wild red pandas in Eastern Nepal.

Red pandas live alongside other threatened wildlife, as well as human communities, all of whom depend on forests for their survival. It costs us about $1 to plant a tree: donate $1,000 and plant an entire forest of 1,000 trees in 1 hectare.

Combat climate change by offsetting your carbon footprint! 

Your donation will support red panda habitat restoration and reforestation projects in Nepal.

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Your carbon offset donation will support habitat restoration, reforestation and afforestation programs in red panda range. RPN has not used an international forest carbon standard to verify the amount of emissions reduced from this effort.

Infographic on forests and biodiversity in Nepal.
Infographic on forests and biodiversity in Nepal.