Red Panda Ecotrips

Find yourself in red panda country...

one of the most biodiverse areas in the world.












RPN's ecotrips allow you to actively experience the gentle hospitality of family homestays and participate in our community-based conservation work. You actively see how your stay benefits directly our most important conservation partners: the rural communities who need alternatives to forest exploitation.

See Red Pandas in the Wild!

Explore one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world, and see wild red panda!

RPN Specializes in Small Group Experiences

RPN offers some of the smallest ecotrip experiences in conservation travel - a maximum of 8 participants per trip.
2018 Eco Zoo Trippers with FGs and head tracker, Phinju Sherpa. Photo: Sarah Jones.
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2018 Eco Zoo Trippers with homestay owners and FGs. Photo: Sarah Jones.

3 Types of Ecotrips

RPN offers three different types of ecotrips to accommodate different interests: Our Red Panda Ecotrip is for travelers and explorers, Eco Zoo Trips are tailored for zoo staff and volunteers, Himalayan Phototrips are unique opportunities to develop photography skills.

Food & Meals

Did we mention food? RPN's ecotrips offer some amazing meals. Each are freshly prepared by locals at your homestays. Homestay operators have been certified in food safety techniques. We accomodate meat, vegan, and vegetarian options.

Local Culture

RPN's ecotrips immerse you in the local culture, both in rural areas and the capitol city of Kathmandu. Our guides make sure to include the local sights and experiences.


Part of the RPN ecotrip experience is overnighting in local homestays. These homestays are welcoming, comfortable, and you get to learn about Nepali culture from local people. Homestay personnel are trained in effective sanitation and food safety standards.
Comforts of Home: Homestay Beds & Accomodation
Guesthouse in the IIam District
Good Food & Great Company at a Homestay

Transportation During the Trip

RPN handles all the in-country transportation. We meet you at the airport and will provide all in-country flights and manage all local transit as needed.
Some of the places you'll go and faces you'll meet on an RPN ecotrip:
Oh, and don't forget the majestic scenery from the top of the world.
View of the Himalayas from Sandakpur.