Curl up with your kids for a delicious winter read about “Fuji,” the rambunctious Red Panda who loved to stroll around the San Diego Zoo with his zookeeper. This little red panda was lucky. He lived in a protected habitat and was cared for by zoo staff.
50% of the proceeds from book sales will go toward protecting Red Pandas in their natural habitat, which is disappearing due to human activities such as road building and cutting down of trees.

“Fuji Takes a Walk” is a story told by a Zookeeper and written for children, ages one to five, by Janell Roesener. The illustrations by Rosi Lusardi are richly detailed, realistic, and offer the perfect introduction to this species.

“Fuji Takes a Walk” retails for $12.99 in local San Diego area book stores. Quantities are limited. Red Panda Network is currently the only reseller of this book. The advertised price of $19.99 includes $10.00 which is donated to Red Panda Network, a 501(3)c nonprofit. Packaging, shipping & handling cost are added of only $5.50. Please make an additional donation if you choose international shipping (please donate $5 or more) or contact us if you need faster courier service.
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