Adopt Red Panda Paaru

Paaru_up close

Paaru lives in Ilam district's Padmasambhaw Community Forest with her two cubs. She is one of ten wild red pandas equipped with collars during Nepal's first-ever GPS-satellite collar study. The name Paaru in Hindu culture signifies the sun, fire, and goddess Parvati.

Habitat loss and the illegal red panda trade are threatening the future of Paaru and red pandas. But together, we can save them. Your gift of adoption will support our community conservation programs in the PIT Red Panda Protected Forest of eastern Nepal.

Adoptions begin at $50 a year or $5 a month.

Give $50 during and receive a free small red panda plush (while supplies last).

Give $100 or more and you'll receive a free thank-you gift! Choose a gift from the drop-down list below.

Thank you for ensuring a brighter future for Paaru!

Plant A Red Panda Home

Your symbolic adoption of red panda Paaru will directly support reforestation of degraded areas near her home.

The forest where Paaru and her two cubs (pictured here) live is fragmented by barren land that has been clearcut and severely degraded by unsustainable livestock grazing and firewood and timber collection by local people.

Your adoption will allow us to plant native trees that restore and reconnect Paaru's fragmented home, creating a continuous biological corridor for all red pandas and other threatened wildlife who live here.

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