Adopt A Red Panda

Give a gift that will help preserve this species for future generations.

These red pandas live in the forests of eastern Nepal which form one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet.

Your symbolic adoption will go directly to the conservation of red pandas and many other unique and threatened species who live here including clouded leopards and Himalayan black bears.

Adoptions start at $50 USD







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Here are the available gifts:

Adoption package with shirt - $100

$100 - adoption package with shirt (style and colors subject to change with availability)

Adoption package with large plush - $100

$100 - adoption package with large plush

Adoption package with 2020 calendar - $100

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Adoption package with small plush - $50

$50 - adoption package with small plush


Tenzing's name comes from the famous Nepalese climber, Tenzing Norgay, who was the first to summit Mt. Everest.

Red panda Tenzing lives in the mid-hills of the Himalayas near Kanchenjunga mountain. He shares his home with communities that depend on the forest for survival.


Sita is five years old and has two cubs that she keeps safe from leopards and domestic dogs. She loves taking her cubs to the stream to drink water and teaching them how to climb trees and eat bamboo.



Pinju lives in the proposed Panchthar-Ilam-Singhalila Red Panda Protected Forest in eastern Nepal. He is a young male. In addition to bamboo, he enjoys eating sorbus fruits from mountain ash trees.



Paaru lives in Ilam district's Padmasambhaw Community Forest with her two cubs. She is one of ten wild red pandas equipped with collars during Nepal's first-ever GPS-satellite collar study. The name Paaru in Hindu culture signifies the sun, fire, and goddess Parvati.


Sanju spends most of the day sleeping and roaming the PIT Red Panda Protected Forest. She loves to eat bamboo and hang out near streams.


Niyati's mother is Sita and her father is Bhim. She lives in the Surke forest of Ilam district in eastern Nepal. She has had to adapt to the increasing development in this area due to tea production.


How Does It Work?

How do I adopt a red panda? Select one of our red pandas from the list below and click the "Adopt" button. On the adoption form enter your information and payment. You can change the giving amount and even select a free gift. Upon completion, you will receive a receipt for your records. RPN will contact you by email as soon as we can to confirm your mailing address, etc. If you have any questions about your adoption email us at

How will I receive my adoption package? You will receive your adoption package through email. We want to make sure as much money as possible goes directly to saving red pandas. By providing the benefits of your adoption online via email, we incur little to no cost and can put that money directly into conservation.

Will I be the only person who can adopt that panda? No these are symbolic adoptions and your donation goes toward our community conservation programs. Anyone can adopt any of the six red pandas listed above.

Will I receive updates and photos of the panda I adopted? We are unable to provide updates and photos of the red pandas featured in our adoption program. These are wild animals, and their elusive and solitary nature, along with their preference for high-altitude areas with steep slopes and difficult terrain, make it very difficult to monitor individual pandas. As a member of Red Panda Network, you will receive updates on the work we do to protect the wild red pandas of Eastern Nepal.

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