Artist Collective

Artists from all over the world committed to raising awareness and support for red panda conservation. If you're interested in joining the collective please email us at

Marini Ferlazzo Artwork by Australian artist Nathan Ferlazzo to support wildlife conservation. A share of proceeds is donated to non-for-profit conservation organisations working to preserve and protect the world's wildlife. Visit.

LE.Artisan Studio LE aka Laura Elizabeth is an artist, illustrator and designer living in sunny Florida. She uses digital art applications to create her artwork. Nature and animals are the inspiration behind her work, though ultimately loves to turn animals into vibrant characters. Visit.

Artistry by Shinai "From my work in wildlife conservation in Australia and Mexico as well as at multiple zoological facilities, I have a strong connection with animals and a passion to share my knowledge and experiences with others. When I need more inspiration, I make my way to nearby hiking trails, ponds, and the Oregon coast to observe wildlife. I’m excited to get more involved with the local art community through workshops and events.

I grew up mainly drawing to create art and now I enjoy learning through experimenting with various media such as charcoal, acrylic paint, watercolor paint and pencils, pastels, pens, and oil paint on various sizes of paper and canvas." From website -- visit.