7 Ways You Can Continue to Make an Impact for Red Pandas

As a membership-based organization, your donation is critical to our fight to save the red panda. But, here are 7 simple ways you can further support our mission!

1. Raise Awareness One of the challenges we face is a global deficit in awareness of red pandas, their endangered status and their urgent need for protection. Become a red panda ambassador and help us spread the word!

Print-ready version. Design by Darby Minter.

Red panda factsheet. Design by Darby Minter.

2. Double Your Donation Companies often match donations their employees make to nonprofit organizations. Check to see if your employer will match and double your donation to RPN!
3. Red Panda Handicrafts RPN works with local people in Nepal in producing organic tea and handmade earrings! They make great gifts and proceeds go directly to conservation programs and sustainable income opportunities.

Our new organic Himalayan Gold tea.

4. Fundraise for the First Panda Do you have a birthday coming up? Looking for a fun and easy way to make a huge impact for the panda discovered 50 years before the giant panda? Start a fundraiser on Fundly or Facebook!
5. Leave Your Legacy Join our Legacy Society to ensure a brighter future for red pandas with a gift to RPN in your estate plans!
6. Join an Ecotrip RPN offers conservation travel into the Himalayas of Nepal to experience wild red pandas. OK this one may not seem so simple and you might be thinking 'how can I afford this?' but did you know that $500 USD will secure your place on an ecotrip? You can then pay off the remainder in installments up to 60 days before the trip dates!
5% of purchases of BNF's strawberry mint kombucha will support Red Panda Network's mission to conserve red pandas in the wild.

Wild red panda during March 2019 ecotrip to Nepal.

We are also pleased to announce that we are working with an online travel agency called Uptrek who will get you registered for an RPN ecotrip for as little as $100!
7. Become a Panda Guardian Monthly donations are the best way to conserve the red panda ⁠— an endangered species that is experiencing habitat loss at an alarming rate and has become a target for the black market pet trade ⁠— and guard them from extinction.
Already giving monthly? Thank you! Support from Panda Guardian members like you allows us to commit to lasting and sustainable conservation initiatives in red panda countries. Please be sure to claim your free gift at membership@redpandanetwork.org if your monthly donation is $15 or more (embroidered patch) or $25 or more (t-shirt - below).
Official team tee - $25 a month.

Get this free t-shirt when you give $25 a month or more!