Red Panda Network to Dedicate the Information Room in Conservation Center

Dear Red Panda Network Supporters, 

We would like to devote this post to reflect on the loss of a Nepalese Pioneer Wildlife Biologist, Dr. Prahlad Yonzon.  Dr. Yonzon died in a road accident in Kathmandu on Monday, October 31, 2011.  His bicycle was hit by a truck at Balkhu, and he later died at Kathmandu Hospital, according to local sources.
Dr. Yonzon had a distinguished career and was the first Nepalese and one of the first researchers in the world to conduct research on red panda in the wild.
Dr. Yonzon was also the former chairperson of Resources Himalaya Foundation, a Nepalese not-for-profit organization that helped to build skills and knowledge for young scientists in Nepal.  His loss is felt deeply among the wildlife conservation community, as Dr. Yonzon was a mentor for countless young Nepalese conservationists.

In honor of his contribution to wildlife conservation in Nepal, Red Panda Network will dedicate the Information Room in our Community Conservation Center to

Red Panda Network's Conservation Center in Nepal

Dr. Yonzon.  We will name this room the Yonzon Information Room, where we will distribute information about the red panda and conservation of the eastern Himalaya, two subjects to which Dr. Yonzon devoted years of his career.

Please join us in a moment of silence at 12:00 PM (Kathmandu time) on 12 November, 2011, to reflect on the leadership and dedication of Dr. Yonzon.

With hope for the future,

The Red Panda Network Team

Rajiv Paudel, Damber Bista, Brian Williams, Dirk Kloss, Nancy Whelan and our field partners – Himali Conservation Forum – Mr. Ramesh Rai