Red Panda Network to Create Community Conservation Center in Nepal

Join Red Panda Network’s mission to build awareness for this beautiful endangered species the red panda (aka firefox) and its habitat – both are disappearing due to human pressures: road building, tree cutting, cattle grazing and many other factors. With your help, Red Panda Network will build a new Community Conservation Resource Center that will empower the local community in Nepal to champion the protection of red panda habitat one of the planet’s biodiversity hotspots!

Children, Zoos and Schools around the world celebrate International Red Panda Day, which is officially always the third Saturday in September. Others will celebrate as their calendars permit, to create as many Red Panda Rangers as possible in a single day. All funds raised in honor of the annual celebration go to our red panda conservation and community programs, and to build a new Community Conservation Resource Center in Nepal.

Join Red Panda Network’s efforts to save the red panda and its critical habitat by contributing to the new Community Conservation Resource Center! You can view footage of the conservation center site via YouTube and stay tuned to the Red Panda Network channel for updates as building the new center gets underway! With your generous help, Red Panda Network can expedite this community conservation project!


Who Benefits from the new Conservation Center in Nepal?

The local people! The local communities in Taplejung District of Eastern Nepal. The Community Conservation Resource Center will increase the earning potential and capacity of local people by being a focal point for training in sustainable living.  This center will provide medicinal plant rearing, tourism hospitality and lodge construction, sustainable living, and fuel efficient stove building.

This work enables local people to increase their ability to conduct other types of work in the future and thus creates potential alternative income sources for them. It also ensures the people employed by the project can increase their income so there is less need to destroy forest. In general, the center will benefit local communities through capacity building, employment, and increased understanding of the economic and inherent value of their forests.


The Red Panda Network Field Team! In addition, Red Panda Network community conservation team and partners will benefit from having a central hub where they can conduct training and lead educational workshops.


The Animals! All species found within red panda habitat, including the clouded leopard, takins (shaggy goat-antelopes) and rare assamese macaques langurs (monkeys found only in these forests) will benefit from Red Panda Network’s ongoing habitat protection program.