Red Panda Skins found for sale in Nepal

On Oct 26, The Himalayan Times reported that a man was found selling 3 red panda skins in Kathmandu. This is an example of why we need to step up our conservation efforts and raise awareness about red panda and wildlife conservation in general. Please see the whole article below.

From the Himalayan Times – Oct 26, 2010

Tragic tale

That a man was nabbed the other day trying to sell three Red Panda skins highlights how poaching of such an endangered animal is on the rise. Red Panda is protected by the law but it is surprising how the person could get the panda skins all the way from Rasuwa district to Kathmandu.

It is not only Red Panda that is facing threats from poachers but other animals like snow leopard, tigers, rhinoceros, black bears and such are constantly being targeted for their skins, bones and body organs which fetch a heavy price. The financial lure has made many people go for wildlife fully armed while the law enforcement agency has a tough time dealing with them. With the political instability continuing in the country, the maintenance of law and order has become a problem on the one hand, while on the other hand poaching has increased. This does not augur well for the conservation of the flora and fauna of the country.