New Red Panda Network Website

Dear Red Panda Network friends,

We would like to thank each of you and your organizations for your generous support of Red Panda Network. We are extremely grateful for you because without you, we would not be able to make the impact that we do.

Due in large part to your support, we are able to announce that Red Panda Network became independent of Earth Island Institute effective September 1, 2010, after 5 years as a project of the parent organization. We have been fortunate to work with Earth Island Institute as a project incubator where the infrastructure support, program guidance and dynamic community of environmental leaders has allowed Red Panda Network to mature into a strong, independent organization.

In addition to our independence in the United States, on July 16, 2010, we were also registered as an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) in Nepal.

Our New Website

As part of this transition, we redesigned our entire website, which we hope you love as much as we do. The design reflects our new vision, and it has been restructured from top to bottom so it’s easier to get to the information you need. But as always, our biggest goal is to educate people, which is why it’s now easier than ever to share information with your friends, contribute to our cause, and stay updated with what’s going on.

Side by side comparison of our old and new website

Stay Updated

With a more robust news section, it’s now easier for us to update, and easier for you to share our articles. We welcome you to leave comments and to share our articles using the Facebook, Twitter, and email tools on each post. Check the events page to see what’s going in your community, and get involved in our upcoming International Red Panda Day.


It’s now easier to donate and purchase items from our store. We also want to feature our wonderful supporters, so if you’ve done something for RPN, let us know! We’d love to feature you in an article, add you to our photo collection, or add you to our list of supporters. Want to find ways you can get involved? See ways you can help.

Find a Red Panda Near You

We’ve realized that many of you haven’t seen a red panda before, so we added in a new map tool to help you find a red panda at a zoo near you.

Share with your friends

Some of our biggest successes comes from people spreading the word about red pandas. We now have a Facebook group you can join, a Twitter account you can follow, and a Tell-a-Friend module that will allow you to easily share information on red pandas with your friends.

What do you think?

Post your questions or comments to this article, or on our Twitter and Facebook pages. And as always, feel free to contact us.